1st Gen Dodge Intercooler Mishimoto / FFS Brand

  • Our custom fit for a huge upgrade in air charge cooling for your First Gen 91.5-93 Cummins core support 
  • requires our ( install kit )
  • Keeps all original air conditioning 
  • Tube-and-fin construction with cut and weld aluminum end tanks
  • End tanks strategically designed for optimal airflow
  • Improves airflow, power, and EGTs
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
Mishimoto engineers know you love your truck which is why we've developed a line performance parts. The Mishimoto intercooler is manufactured for high power and durability, thanks to its increased core volume, efficient tube-and-fin core, and aluminum end tanks. This performance intercooler is built to handle the abuse of any environment or terrain, all while reducing intake temperatures and EGTs. The Mishimoto intercooler core reduces pressure drop, which extends the life of your turbocharger and improves efficiency.  Whether your truck is stock or modified, trust Mishimoto and our line of performance parts to keep your vehicle cool.
Great upgrade to your 1g Cummins truck 

For our value-oriented customers, we now offer a FFS brand intercooler compatible with our installation hardware. Comparable in dimensions to the Mishmioto. Cast end tanks and heavy plate and fin construction.




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