72-93 cummins 12v 24v and common rail engine swap motor mounts


     Add a 12 valve, 24 valve or common rail 5.9 or 6.7 to your 72-93 dodge full size truck or ramcharger with this heavy duty, all inclusive, cummins engine mount bracket set.
     This motor mount kit is a complete redesign of the original obsolete parts, with a switch to a spool type mount instead of the often cheaply reproduced sandwich type rubber isolator, and some additional features to allow adjustability in a swap. These are very heavy duty, all .250 wall material, 9/16 spool bolt, and 1/2 frame bolts, and will hold up to horsepower and abuse.
   Additional clearance added around the power steering pump area to make line access easier (right where you often see these original brackets torched for additional clearance).
     Can be used to completely replace your original cummins brackets from engine block to crossmember. Slotted to allow some front to back adjustment, mostly rearward, for additional clearances needed, most commonly fan to radiator clearance. Fits any cummins b engine on the block side, fits any original 4x4 frame/crossmember originally equipped with a v8 or cummins on the chassis side (6cyl and 2wd notes below). Does not include mount to block hardware (8 metric block bolts). Original two rear accessory holes can be threaded if needed. 
Comes in wrinkle black power coat. 
   As far as slot adjustment on the block, centered in the slot will be approximately where an original mount would sit, indicated by a small point above the rear upper holes in this block plate. Fan to radiator clearance will likely be your limit for forward adjustment, and head to firewall clearance at the will likely limit rearward adjustment.

     (4wd 6cyl should require no changes. 2wd 6 cylinder [cummins, slant or V] trucks can still work but a bolt-on original drivers side v8 or cummins bracket would need to be swapped. I’m sure somewhere there are possibly some other potential application issues that we aren’t aware of but nothing significant)

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