First Gen Upper and Lower A-Arm Sets for D250 D350 1G 2WD Stock and Lifted(Uppers & Lowers Sold Separately)


FFS upper a-arms restore travel or free movement to D250 and D350 (3800 - 4000lb front axle) dodge trucks that have been lifted or leveled. The original a-arm is against the bump stops that limit down travel, or droop. This fixes that issue. No significant improvements or changes to suspension geometry, but a drastic increase in allowable travel, restoring an acceptable ride quality to your lifted or leveled gas or cummins truck. 

2 Upper a arms with bushings,

2 Upper ball joints with hardware.

   The useable height of both the suspension and these arms is determined by ability to get camber within spec, if it cannot be achieved, the spring setup is too tall. Customers use a variety of options ranging from stock worn springs, stock replacement springs, taller non stock application springs all with or without a coil spring spacer. If camber cannot be corrected you must lower the truck to some degree. 
   Always check clearances before driving the vehicle. We have had customers say certain wheels can contact the arm at full lock. Don’t find this out by driving it. Easy check.

For our customers just looking to replace a stock arm that will no longer hold a ball joint, see our stock replacement arm set. Entirely new stampings that include ball joints, bushings, and camber bolts.

 Lower A-arms Also available 

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