First Gen Cummins Mishimoto intercooler install kit.


First Gen Cummins Mishimoto intercooler install kit.

 Using the parts in this kit, and instructions for light modifications (drill/cut/grind) to both the intercooler and the core support, you can install a large, high flow, modern intercooler from Mishimoto in your late 91, 92 and 93 dodge ram Cummins intercooled core support. Made to keep and mount all your original air conditioning parts.
This will replace the 93 and prior factory intercooler that has small inlet/outlet, small surface area, and as old as they are, likely leak. Your First Gen Cummins will thank you for getting some air flow, especially if you are wanting to build some power. It will require at least a boot diameter/adapter to your existing charge piping but you likely are upgrading all that if you are interested in this anyway. Plenty of options available there including one of our compound turbo kits from DPS. 
Find it under 1st Gen Dodge Ram 72-93 / performance for the intercooler itself. 
This requires removing your factory hood safety catch so an aftermarket hood safety catch (hood pins or aerocatch) are required. 


In ADDITION to this kit, if replacing a stock intercooler, you will need this boot and clamp kit:

Questions Answered: 
 I am putting your 1st gen mishimoto inter cooler kit on and we just received the inter cooler and was wondering how it is gonna work because it doesn’t look like there will be any room for a transcooler.

We always route trans coolers rearward from the trans. Bar/plate style coolers are much more effective than a tube/fin style and require less airflow, if needed we add a fan. Much less congestion with lines running rearward than the space used going forward. 
That being said, it might still be possible to run one up from, it would just require a specific shape/size/location. We have nothing to pass on for that. 

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