Ford 9" Factory Back Truss


Ford 9" Factory Back Truss

superior strength through using the crown shape. But now how about the same strength and shape for a factory 9" housing? While using 4 bends to create the rear shape of the truss we add miles to the rigidity of the truss. The common truss you find for a 9" has a flat back, reasonably strong but not very rigid.

The truss is long enough to end at the brake brackets so you do not have any weak points. It is made with .135" sheet, a little thicker than most alternatives that use 1/8" but not so thick to be adding uneeded weight, remember that it gets its strength from the shape.

Another unique thing about our trusses is the way they mount to the axle. Most trusses are relatively narrow and when they are mounted they force you to apply most of the heat to the rear of the axle. We don't like warped axles so we make the truss as wide as the axle tube so they weld onto the tube 180 degrees opposed. This way you are applying even heat to each side of the tube rather than all the heat of welding to just one side. That goes a long way towards keeping the axle true alone.

Due to there being different variants of the Ford 9" housings some trimming or shortening of the truss may be required

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