17-Current Ford Super Duty Steering Kit


  Our 17+ geometry fix kit is done!
   Tie Rod, Drag Link, Track Bar and axle end Track Bar Bracket as a complete set. Designed to replace oem 17-C f250 / f350 4x4 steering set, and greatly improve original lousy steering geometry. 
   When we originally had a ‘17-21 truck with stock wheels and tires go back to the dealership for death wobble at 40k, (replacement tie rod and drag link) and then the same problem and replacement parts again before 75k, we knew it was better to release the parts we had at the time without our track bar project being finished than to wait. Now the track bar project is done and you get the whole deal. 
   Not only will this system eliminate death wobble (also benefitted by our adjustable radius arms to be able to add more positive caster), but it greatly reduces the bump steer that is allowed in the original ford geometry. 
   Before with just our heavy duty 1.5” .250 wall steel dom tubing tie rod and drag link, the truck “drives better than it ever did”.
   Fast forward to the latest revision to eliminate bump steer and improve steering geometry, and the owner again says, “drives even better now than with the last improvement”. 
   So this is specifically available for 17-21+ as a complete system. Designed to be used as a complete kit, but it is still an improvement if only chosen as a tie rod / drag link kit and used in conjunction with the stock track bar.
   Complete system includes all 3 adjustable bars, axle track relocation bracket, and sway bar relocation brackets. 
   Optional is the steering stabilizer system. Select your stabilizer shock of choice in the quantity needed. Select the axle side mount. The single stabilizer axle mount is an oversized heavy duty diff cover with integrated bracket. 
   The tie rod and drag link must to be used together as a component set. 
   The drag link can work with the adjustable track bar up to 4” of lift, and of course that would all be extended with a track bar drop bracket and a dropped pitman of equal distance. It also allows you to lower your truck and still center the steering wheel.
   We will have a frame end track bar drop bracket to achieve higher lift heights and long travel air suspension in the future.
OE STABILIZER Will NOT work. See Stabilizer Options.
   We built a steering stabilizer on this 17-21 and moved it down stream to the tie rod, rather than the drag link, which helps it have the opportunity to stabilize more parts. Now in the event of worn parts it can actually control death wobble.  This way death wobble doesn’t have to be the worn parts indicator.
   Your tie rod will come standard with the steering stabilizer mount built in. Optional is the stabilizer bracket and shock. 
   We built a steering stabilizer on a hd 3/8 thick steel off road  diff cover, it works well and will allow for full suspension compression. Space available indicates why ford put it up high, but also their stock shortcomings are obvious. 
   This kit used our ultra strong heat treated chromoly rod ends. An awesome part for the application, but not quite for everyone. With available (click here rubber boots) they can be maintained for years to come but are not approved in some areas with strict vehicle inspections. So although they would be a racer preferred part, and greatly out-do the stock component in strength and durability, it needs to be identified as an off road only application. But that’s how we would prefer to classify any oem tie rod end because they aren’t safe enough for the street either under such consideration. 
   Required modifications include drilling out the pitman arm to 3/4,  and slightly reaming the driver side knuckle to the same, minor sway end link bracket mods. We have a reamer available click (HERE) that greatly reduces the effort required to do this with a drill bit. 

All items standard as wrinkle black powder, raw available on request,

Custom PowderCoating Available 

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