99-04 Ford Super Duty Steering Kit


99-04 Super Duty Steering 4X4

0-8” of Lift (drop bracket/pitman dependent)***

   This kit is the best available steering system for the 99-04 Super Duty trucks, including Excursion. We have redesigned the steering layout with all new components rather than relying on some original component use.

   Our steering kits use the best available geometry to make steering comfortable and avoid bump steer. We use heavy duty long lasting, chromoly, heat treated rod ends with 1.5” 1/4 wall dom steel tubing. Optional boots available for hassle free maintenance.

  We eliminated the T style steering. We added the industries longest matching track bar. This is accomplished by means of a replacement bracket on the axle end. Not specifically a height adjustment like some already available, but also a significant length adjustment to extend an unusually short track bar. The original bracket wastes space and also has a history of cracking. The original steering design had a particularly short track bar in comparison to the drag link, which is sure to induce bump steer.

   The new tie rod is straight for easy adjustment and a much cleaner look than the original tie rod, as is the track bar.  
   (The drag link is available straight upon request if you wish. The standard bar we ship has a bend to clear the leaf spring in lifted applications. But if you have a stock height truck or if it’s lifted using a spacer, you can utilize the convenience of a straight bar, only on request)

   ***Important item of note, after about 4” of lift, the track bar starts to be on a significant angle. This makes the bar need to make the axle track on an arc, however a leaf axle tries to travel straight up and down. So even more important than a coil spring truck is a dropped pitman and a track bar drop bracket that drops the exact same amount as the pitman did. 

   Our steering stabilizer kit should be added, as this steering system eliminates the original stabilizer mount to make room for the, much more important, longer track bar.

   The stabilizer kit includes an ultra heavy duty diff cover of 1/4 and 3/8 steel that also incorporates the axle mounting point for the stabilizer shock. The other end of the shock attaches to the tie rod with a clean integrated threaded fitting.

Comes Standard Black Wrinkle Powder Coating/ Raw upon request. 
Custom PowderCoating Available 6500 Colors to choose from. Please provide us a part# 
for link Click Here 

Requires drilling knuckles (RECOMMENDED REAMER TOOL click here) and pitman to a straight 3/4” hole.

Click Here You Tube Video Available  

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