Radius Arm kit Ford 05-22 Dana 60 Super Duty


   Front Adjustable Radius Arm, Ford Super Duty Dana 60 05-22

   Want a better radius arm? Want any adjustability at all? Want to add a little positive caster not originally provided? Want to aid in eliminating death wobble? Want to ditch ugly drop brackets that come with mild lift and leveling kits that make the giant dog-bone-looking radius arm even more noticeable? Want a better looking part? Want to increase wheelbase for additional fender clearance with bigger tires and wheels? Then this is for you!

   These are built to be a better looking, stronger and more adjustable radius arm for your 2005 - to present Ford F250/350 Superduty 4x4 and its Dana 60 front axle. They utilize the 4 stock bushing mounts on the axle and the stock frame bracket.
   This gives you an arm that can be adjusted to lower than stock height, or lifted, without using an additional (ugly)
 drop bracket to handle caster adjustment. Important, because not only is the stock arm non-adjustable, but it featured minimal positive caster settings to start with. An important feature to keep your truck pointing straight and feeling steady. The design allows for at least 6° of positive caster per intended height range. When coupled with our drag link and tie rod kit, it will end you death wobble issues that come with these trucks with even stock wheels and tires and very low mileage! 

(for steering click here)

   Of course they are made to use our ultra high quality 4130 chromoly, heat treated, lined, lubricated and sealed spherical rod ends. 1-1/4 for the larger lowers that take the real abuse and 7/8 for the upper locator arm that’s also the caster adjustment. 
   These spherical rod ends, will stand up to any abuse you can put them through for long lasting service. The only weakness is the spherical rod ends ability to cope with external rust in a driving climate with road salt or especially brine. Occasional use like this isn’t a problem and can just be handled with washing. But if this is the intended use, you might consider our optional boots, or simply cover them with a heavy grease in the winter. That way they can look great again in the spring. Otherwise the recommended maintenance when new and on your regular service intervals, is a quick spray of a penetrant/lubricant like Lucas Penetrating Oil, or Tri-Flo, or Howes Lubricator and more.

(click here for optional boots to cover the rod ends)

   We have 3 heights available to fit your truck and potentially future mods, lower than stock to 4” of lift height, 5-8” of lift, or 9+. 
   All come standard powder coated wrinkle black or choice of raw uncoated steel. Optional choice of powder coat color, as well as any custom powder coat color choice. 
   Includes stainless FFS overlay badge as well as instructions and all hardware necessary for the install. 

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