Of course, we always recommend investing in a crossover steering, lifted or no lift. It’s one of the most significant improvements you can do to your truck, 

   but for those intent on keeping the stock configuration, we offer this heavy duty rod end style adjustable drag link.

   It restores steering wheel center, and improves full lock turning capability over the non adjustable and non serviceable stock part. Works with stock or dropped pitman arms, and gives you the flexibility of mounting under the steering arm like stock, or flipping it to the top of the steering arm on your axle for a lift height adjustment between 2-4”. It ships in raw steel. A heavy duty standard wrinkle black is available at request. 6500 Custom Powder Coating colors available also. 

   Constructed from the same heavy duty chromoly heat treated rod ends and 1.5” 1/4 wall tubing as any of the rest of our steering parts. Requires drilling your pitman and steering arm to a straight 3/4 bore. Most easily done with a straight reaming bit, but a drill bit works fine too. 

   As mentioned before, we suggest crossover, but if you are keeping the stock configuration, brace your frame and steering box with our 1gsbr4x. (Works well with)

   Due to the race type application heim joints, even though they are stronger than anything else available and are safe enough for racers, this should be considered an off road part. The only issue we ever face with these rod ends is rust from salt or brine. If you drive in winter weather with those conditions consider a coat of heavy grease or our rubber boot kit for the season or they will rust. We have them on trucks that don’t see salt but do see regular road use for years and look and perform well. Even in good climate conditions, spray regularly with a penetrant/lubricant to keep happy, quiet and long lasting.


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