72-93 Dodge Dana 60 Crossover 2” or more lift (heim joint)


This is the pre-fabbed and wrinkled black powder coated part (raw metal & custom powder available CLICK HERE to choose your color code) for adding a bombproof crossover steering kit to your 4x4 dana 60 king pin style front axle (and an optional tie rod) utilizing beefy 7/8 heim joints instead of traditional tie rod ends. This is for your 72-93 dodge truck with 2-6 inches of lift, we have zero to 1 inch of lift too. All huge 1.5-inch 1/4 wall tube. Good looking and stronger than your truck needs.

Necessary but not included:

2” Lift - Pitman Arm  (Good for 2-3” of lift)

4” Lift - Pitman Arm  (Good for 3-6” of lift)


Requires removing the OEM 4WD steering box mounting plate, and shortening the existing steering input shaft or a new, improved u-joint steering input shaft to replace the craptacular factory pot joint. 

A highly recommended option to simplify the steering box relocation and strengthen this application and your trucks frame at its most vulnerable location is our steering box brace  

Crossover Includes;

Dana 60 High Steer Arm and Stud Kit w tapered nuts

Crossover Drag link, wrinkle black powder, bent and welded -1.5" X .25" wall DOM tubing

Loaded set of RH & LH 7/8 Heim with 3/4 steering/safety misalignments

3/4” mounting bolts

Crossover with Tie Rod adds;

Tie rod, welded -1.5" X .25" wall DOM tubing

Loaded set of LH & LH 7/8 Heim with 3/4 tie rod misalignments 

3/4 mounting bolts (requires drilling your knuckles out to 3/4” straight)

Unfortunately, crossover steering necessitates sway bar removal. You wont miss it.

A great option at this time would be our dana 60 steering stabilizer setup CLICK HERE Buy selecting the proper kit, the tie rod mount can be integrated as a weld in fitting in the tie rod.

 Due to the race type application heim joints, even though they are stronger than anything else available and are safe enough for racers, this should be considered an off road part. The only issue we ever face with these rod ends is rust from salt or brine. If you drive in winter weather with those conditions consider a coat of heavy grease or our rubber boot kit for the season or they will rust. We have them on trucks that don’t see salt but do see regular road use for years and look and perform well. Even in good climate conditions, spray regularly with a penetrant/lubricant to keep happy, quiet and long lasting. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

“About the crossover steering kit for the 1G, what is the minimum height for the axle tube to the frame? My truck sits at 8½", while the NWF kit calls for 9½-12", I can't find what the spec is for yours. I'd lift if I could but I barely fit in the parkade as is, so I want to ensure this will fit and clear lock to lock”

answer - 9+ is stock diesel height. Ours is comfortable at stock 1/2 ton height. No problem. Possible to touch drag link on engine crossmember at full lock left turn. Easy clearance with a grinder with no harm. Not always an issue.

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