72-93 4x4 STOCK Steering Dodge Steering Box Brace


 Does not include factory steering box bracket. If yours is broke, you need to fix it or purchase a salvage one.

 Steering box brace for dodge ram trucks from 72-93 frame. W100 w150 w200 w250 w300 w350 ramcharger. 
   For a steering box in the original 76-93 4x4 location with the draglink connected to the driver side of the axle. 
This is the strongest bolt on first gen steering box brace ever! Easily protects the often cracked stock steering box adapter adapter plate. Even if yours is cracked, just weld it up (or replace it, not Included but we often have them) and let this brace keep it working for years. Want to weld it on? No problem, just order raw, it’s designed to weld in easily if you want. No real need though, bolts on with 7 7/16 bolts and one 3/8 bolt and is strong as an ox. 
   We try as hard as we can to convince you all to convert to crossover steering because of its great benefits to the truck and handling, but some just don’t want to, and so this is take care of you too. Definitely a need if you are keeping it in its current original 76-93 configuration. 
We have an input shaft and draglink available to further keep this system working at its best potential.
   It’s a little bit of a jigsaw puzzle but if all the bolts are installed loosely prior to tightening it fits together really well (one trapped bolt I’d consider optional shown in pictures with white arrow, will have the head between the adapter plate and the frame, it will work but be difficult, I just included it instead of eliminating it for the sake of having the option). You will need to drill two holes in the frame (using the brace as a jig, shown in pictures with red arrows) to allow the lower to box bolts to pass through and the spacers to be outside the frame. 

 Product can be requested Raw 



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