72-93 Dodge Dana 60 Crossover NO LIFT


After years of hearing people say you can’t do a  crossover steering conversion (best upgrade you can do for your old dodge steering/handling) to a 4x4 of stock height, we decided to make our own because it definitely can be done.

This is the pre-fabbed and powdered part to add crossover (with option for a new tie rod too) steering to your stock height or low lift 72-93 dodge.

This is shown mocked on a stock height ramcharger with original 1/2 ton 3 leaf negative arched sagging old springs on a kingpin 60. (The dana 44 with a high steer arm would be just fine too.) It fits well with the bump stop making contact before the sector shaft or rod end bolt with the leaf. This is definitely the extreme application and if it were the intended use, there is room to increase that necessary clearance, but most often the intended use is a 3/4 or 1 ton truck that originally came with the dana 60 and does have slightly taller leaf springs so this demonstrates plenty of room. 

This is a fully welded and black wrinkle powdered kit that can be put on your dodge in short order. 

The other part of doing a dana 60 crossover besides the actual drag link, steering arm, pitman arm and hardware being sold here, would be;

moving your original or replacement steering box to the 2wd location (we always recommend our steering box brace, all hardware included) and the associated shorter steering box input shaft

Nylon lock nut included for steering arm axle end, be sure to Loctite the threads on the pitman arm end  

If doing a dana 44 we would need to get you an additional machined flat top knuckle to bolt the high steer arm to  

This setup will solve your zero lift crossover issues and with work well with our +1” and +2” lift leaf springs too. 

Add our tie rod kit to completely upgrade your existing steering with 1.5” .250 wall super heavy duty tubing. Either in standard tie rod end or hd heim joint style rod ends. Available with steering stabilizer and options.

Due to the race type application heim joints, even though they are stronger than anything else available and are safe enough for racers, this should be considered an off road part. The only issue we ever face with these rod ends is rust from salt or brine. If you drive in winter weather with those conditions consider a coat of heavy grease or our rubber boot kits for the season or they will rust. It will still work fine but will look bad. We have them on trucks that don’t see salt but do see regular road use for years and look and perform well. Even in good climate conditions, spray regularly with a penetrant/lubricant to keep happy, quiet and long lasting. 

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