Budget HD DIY Traction Bar Kit


Want to build your own super HD traction bar kit, this is it!
we also have kits pre selected for your vehicle elsewhere.

If you have had problems with the rear axle wandering and wheel hopping under the heavy torque. Be it in the sand, dirt, or putting down a thick smokey burnout on pavement, this kit is a solution for you. It features a pair of arms that firmly locate your axle, and help you keep your tires firmly planted. This will let you put all the traction you have to the ground without giving up any axle articulation or ground clearance.

These come as a pair of arms for one rear axle, with either 48", 60", 72" of tube, or no tube at all if you get your own. We supply the best of the best 2” 1/4 wall d.o.m tube, but you can use whatever you want if it’s 1.5” inside dia. 

(1) Pair of our chassis Link brackets
(1) Pair of  axle mount link brackets
(2) Bushed DOM sleeves 2-5/8" wide for 9/16" bolt
(2) 1.25" Heat/Cryo treated Heim joints with misalignment spacers for 9/16" bolts
(2) 2" x .250 wall DOM tubing at your choice of length

Not Included - FFS badges (clickable link), bolt/nut hardware (clickable link) 

Brackets to be welded at axle and frame locations

If you need further instructions on installation check out our Youtube INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO 

Ford Chevy Dodge Cummins Powerstroke Duramax 


Hardware Box 24 lbs 

48” Tube 38 lbs 

60” Tube 48 lbs 

72” Tube 57.6 lbs 


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