Dodge Dana 70 Disc Brake Conversion Kit Single Rear Wheel 2000 and prior


   This is a 100% no-mod bolt on kit for a full float single rear wheel 93 and prior Dodge 70 single rear wheel, whether standard or e-brake kit is chosen, including modified direct fit rotors, copper-nickel hard lines and bolt on brake line bracket and stainless steel flex lines. (We still sell the base kit that’s not as custom tailored at a base price, click here)
   Copper nickel axle hard lines, bolt on brake line bracket, flex lines, proper rotor with correct lug diameter for your original wheel studs (no cracked rotors), bolt on one piece 3/8 thick caliper bracket and cables for the e-brake version. 
   Our disc brake conversion kit is the best conversion to eliminate the drum brakes on a dodge dana 70 Rear Axle. The super heavy duty caliper bracket directly replaces the drum backing plate, the rotor installs on the rear of the hub with the wheel studs just like the drum originally did. All designed for 89-93 (may work on earlier, later Dana 70, 2nd gen,

Will work on SOME 2Gen axles.   

        To ensure this kit works with your housing measure from your 4 bolt flange to the back of the wheel hub (the surface the wheel studs press up against). This distance must be about 5-5/8" to 5-3/4" to ensure our kit will work


   Changing from Drum brakes to disc brakes is easy, and all the parts you need to complete the conversion are included in this kit to get rid of those heavy drums. Single Piston design with the stopping power you need. Common donor parts for easy future replacement. We include the mount for the flex hose, it’s designed to bolt on under the shock.

Option 1 - Complete NON E Brake Conversion Kit 

Option 2 - Complete E Brake Conversion Kit 

Option 3


E-brake version available in drop down. Includes e-brake cables from your original splitter / balancer. 

Click the link if you need to add a proportioning valve  

Click the link to add a stainless braided rear flex brake line from frame to axle with splitter. 

2-3 Hr Install Time 


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