03-13 Ram 3G 4G Tie Rod / Drag Link / Track Bar Steering



FarFromStock now makes the very best available 03-08 and 09-13 2500/3500 Ram steering system, period!
   The system includes a tie rod, drag link, track bar and track bar bracket. 

   The key lies with the track bar drop bracket. We started from scratch and built two new brackets, that use their own unique track bar too.
   (This bar is not a stock replacement adjustable bar, will not work in stock location, that system available here)
   Not only is the bracket strong, well laid out and adjustable, but the track bar has been extended in length to match the length of the drag link in a true crossover configuration. The lower height bracket will fit trucks with lift heights from stock to 6” of lift, and the taller drop track bar bracket will work from 7” all the way up to 12+” of lift!
    So, we have the best engineered steering kit that can achieve the least amount of bump steer over the longest amount of travel.
   Features big 7/8” diameter chromoly, heat treated, teflon/nylon lined self lubricating, self sealing race inspired rod ends. 1.5” .250 wall dom steel tube construction. They will always benefit from a occasional spray of a quality penetrating/lubricating product, but in winter salt driving, a thin coating of grease can be applied for the season, or we have optional boots that can be installed and grease filled for worry free installation, but without the pretty appearance of a shiny rod end. It’ll all depend on your style and environment.
   Drilling required for 3/4” bolts. We have an available reamer to make it extra easy. A 3/4 drill bit will still be required for one hole a reamer just wont fit in, but it’s an easy one. Other drilling required for drop bracket.
   Designed as a complete system, so mixing and matching with others components is up to you, and all heights are engineered around a stock pitman arm.
Here’s a bunch of pitman arm choice and reason info.
   03-08 trucks have two choices for oem pitman arm, and we have preferences for both under certain circumstances.
   All 03-08 static height trucks should use the flat to flat style pitman, but can either can work depending on lift height, (small compromises under some circumstances). The flat one you should have (especially low or especially high suspension heights) available here.
   All 03-08 long travel air suspension trucks will use a modified version of the flat to angled pitman and it must be selected here.
   09-13 trucks only have one oem pitman available, and we have provisions to make up for the lack of a choice. Available here
   09-13 trucks can use the oem pitman with our standard equipment on all static height trucks up to 6” of lift. (Stock heights or lower have slightly decreased full compression clearance with this setup)
   09-13 trucks, if long travel air suspension is chosen or 7”-12+”, we switch to a larger rod end at the pitman arm and a few more degrees of tubing bend. Long travel air uses a modified version of the stock pitman and must be selected here.
   On 09-13 trucks that want 11-15” of lift, we recommend switching to our steering box that is modified to 03-08 standards so the flat to flat pitman can be utilized. There are other ways to do this, but not without us having to have a special 3rd option on a track bar drop bracket, and we have not seen the demand for this.
   Stock style single stabilizer mount included with Tie Rod. designed to use our stabilizer shock Click Here for appropriate stabilizer.
   The single stabilizer option is able to be switched out for a dual stabilizer.
  Check deep rear spacing 17” wheels for clearance prior to driving.
   Reamer to take your tapered holes in the pitman and knuckles to 3/4". Easier on the hands than a drill bit, with less sticking or jerking with the drill.
Reamer Tools for Tapered Tie Rod Ends and Knuckles
   It’s always helpful to remove powder where the jamb nut contacts the end of the tube.
   It’s always helpful to grease all assembled surfaces.
    Be sure to re-torque all these bolts and jamb nuts after driving just like a wheel or a u-bolt would normally need. Don’t be afraid, 200-300 ft/lbs ok!
   It’s recommended to use the included standard nuts for mock up and adjusting prior to a final install of the nylon lock nuts, just so you don’t wear them out getting things adjusted.

(Check Out FarFromStock YOUTUBE Video covering our steering kit CLICK HERE)


kits would be
03 to 13, 0-6” lift single stabilizer
03 to 13, 0-6” of lift dual stabilizer
03 to 13, 7-12+” of lift dual stabilizer
03-13 long travel air steering system with dual stabilizer
Must select pitman or understand choices.
Powder not though of

   Monster Strong 1.5” .250 wall DOM tube Tie Rod, Drag Link, Track Bar and track bar Drop Bracket  for your lifted (3-6”) ram truck 2500 and 3500 from 03-13. Super strong 7/8 heim joint style rod ends.  Stock location single stabilizer mount included with Tie Rod, designed to use our stabilizer shock. Designed for leveled height and taller 4x4. Complete system with all 4 main components. Not intended to be separated or combined with other manufacturers parts. Requires drilling (recommended tool HERE) the knuckles and stock pitman to 3/4. Custom powder available separately. 

Will need stock pitman arm for correct geometry.

   Also available HERE separately configured without a track bar drop bracket for trucks leveled or stock height.

   Let us know any mods or requirements you have in notes (most easily accessed from your cart).

Rubber Boots Available for salt or brine on roads.

   Be sure to re-torque all these bolts and jamb nuts after driving just like a wheel or a u-bolt would normally need. It’s helpful to remove powder where the jamb nut contacts the end of the tube. 
   3/4 grade 8 hardware included with tie and drag, 2-4” and 1-6” fine thread bolts, 3 nylon lock nuts and 2 washers. (It’s recommended to use standard nuts for mock up and adjusting prior to a final install of the nylon lock nuts)  

will not clear stock 17’s on passenger side, it could fit with a custom ground and clocked bolt head if really important. 

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Put item in your cart. In the notes put your Year, Make, Model and stock height or amount of lift. 

   Due to the race type application of these heavy duty parts, even though they are stronger than anything else available and are safe enough for racers, this should be considered an off road part :)

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