DOM Tube, 2" o.d. X .25" Wall, 1.5" i.d.


 Current Material Shortages have increased the price of this tubing FOURFOLD. Please call for specific 2" DOM by phone call, to Jon, at 740.0715.0010

 We have substituted .211 wall seam weld pipe in this listing until further notice. It will not compromise strength unduly in any application that we used the DOM pipe in previously. We would not substitute this product if we felt  would affect the ultimate strength of our products.

2" X .25" wall D.O.M. tube is the generally accepted standard size for link suspension systems. It’s definitely overbuilding so design and safety strength is covered. 

Tube is sold in 1 foot increments, Precut tubing is shipped by UPS Ground in lengths no longer than 6ft.

Call in with a commercial shipping address for full stick pricing delivered (must have room to accept a large truck and have the means of unloading!). 

2 inch d.o.m. Tube, tubing 1/4” 1/4, quarter wall

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