Condenser Cover 3rdGen (Early/Late)Cummins 03-09

Condenser Cover 3rdGen (Early/Late)Cummins 03-09

FFS Condenser Cover 3rdGen (Early/Late)Cummins.     03-09 3GRCC

For your OEM Condenser 

We have seen the need to fab a cover to clean up the unsightly destroyed OEM condenser covers that are so prevalent. Also designed to protect those few nice original condensers out there that haven’t been destroyed by boots and knees working under the hood. Comes with a easy to spray off bug screen that is installed underneath the cover.

•Available  in Bare Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Custom Powder, and two stage / illusion powder. Put color choice in "special insturcuins" box at bottom of cart page.  

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