FFS License Plate Cover


FFS license plate covers are a great add on to your custom vehicle. throw those stock dealer covers off and slap one of these on.  Accessorize your ride with FarFromStock. The Plates aren't like the flimsy ones online, there made from 16gauge steel same as our rad covers, thick stuff. the backing is made from 20 gauge stainless to make your FFS logo pop. You will need to reuse your original plate screws to mount it. We are currently offering three color options so please read below.

Option 1 - Our gloss white powder 

Option 2 - Our gloss black powder

Option 3 - For a slight markup and in order to save you money from a fully custom powder charge, if you have other parts being powdered custom with this order, we can shoot this plate cover for an additional $20.00. so for example (if you have a custom color radiator cover ordered and you order one of these the same time at checkout, and you selected custom powder for the plate cover upcharge, we will shoot the plate the same color we are spraying for your radiator cover.) If you have a completely different color or this is the only item your ordering, you will have to call into the store and request custom powder for full upcharge.

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