1st Gen Ram "mopar1darrell" Grille Inserts


Here is our custom grille for the 91-93 Dodge trucks developed for Darrell's Crew Cab. We are proud to make available a custom product for those under-appreciated 1st Gens! It's four steel mesh grilles and steel grille surrounds with all real stainless hardware. Includes a FFS badge to show off your "not-stock" ride. Powder coated satin black for a long lasting easy care finish. Includes mounting brackets. They are easy to install, with no modifications necessary. Please notice because of availability we are replacing expanded metal with the mesh in ford advertised picture. 

These are made in small batches by special order. We are not a big production company, just some fabbing garage squirrels, so please be patient after ordering. This is a custom part just like we'd make for our own trucks. They are as nice as possible, but also designed to be simply made with our resources. That being said, I think you'll like what you get. Thanks for picking this Far From Stock look.

• Please choose the Raw finish if you’re wanting a custom color. 

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