72-93 Dodge Truck Body Mount Bushing Kit With All New Hardware

   This kit is a combination of some commonly available parts and some of our custom parts or assemblies to make restoring cab height and security as good as it can be. 
   (1) New bushings are an option, alone the bushings themselves work perfectly, but leave a lot out, and require your original parts to be reused, often in terrible condition. 
   (2) So our custom mounting hardware kits are the next upgrade, good photos with description as well as missing spacers, washers, nuts and bolts you would need for a complete installation with new parts. 
   (3) We have messed with a lot of these trucks, 72-86 cabs do not have captured nuts in them requiring removal of kick panels and carpet to remove the cab. And sometimes 87-93 cabs have the captured nut rust and destroy upon removal. So we made a set of nut tabs that will allow you to convert or repair these and have the convenience of being able to remove your cab without removing any interior. 
   (4) Another nuisance item that has bothered us is that the radiator, intercooler or air conditioning condenser often blocks access to the bolts for the core support bushings. Many times we have wanted to remove the core support fully loaded, either on its own, or with the cab assembled with front fenders. The 91.5-93 trucks have an oem attempt at this but it often fails. So we made a one piece set of bolts to drop in your core support to be the wrench. Now you can easily remove the core support from the bottom only. 
Body Mount Bushings, Polyurethane, Black, Cab Mount, Dodge, D/W-Series Pickup, Set of 12, fits crew, extended, regular cab. 

Energy Suspension

Body Bushings

Notes: Includes cab and core support bushings only. There are no bed bushings  

Aluminum body mounts are too harsh for street use and tend to break, causing damage to other parts. Original rubber mounts are so soft that they crack, distort, crush, and often fall off. Energy Suspension's specially formulated polyurethane body mount sets combine the best qualities of both--they're soft enough for a smooth ride, and yet rugged enough for the most demanding road or track. Most have a steel ring molded into the end for added durability.

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