Dodge AAM 9.25" Front Differential Cover (14 Bolt) 2003-2009


Dodge AAM 9.25" Differential Cover 

This is our basic differential cover, we see it as the only one worth making. The Dodge AAM 9.25" axles are found stock on 2003-2020 Dodge 2500 and 3500 full size trucks. From 2003 to 2009 the differential cover has 14 bolt's. 2010 and newer have 12 bolt's on the differential cover. Need a gasket? (Gasket Lube Locker Link Here) Pair this with our rear Dodge AAM 11.50 Differential Cover.

The differential cover is a 1 piece 3/8" (.375") plate steel cap bent 8 ways then welded to a 1/2" ring! The fill plug is a generous 1" ID for easy fill and oil level check. After welding the mounting surface is machined absolutely flat for a perfect fit! Ship's raw metal.

  • 1/2" thick Ring
  • 3/8" plate steel cover bent 8 ways
  • Machined absolutely flat for a perfect fit
  • All seams fully welded inside and out

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