4 Link Rear Kit (Full Size Truck)

Rear 4 Link Builder Kit for full size trucks 
This kit is especially good for trucks that have a fuel tank in front of the axle and inside the frame. Great for any Dodge Ram, Ford F series truck and many more similar configurations. Totally customizable fitment. We set it up to use your original front leaf spring brackets as the upper link mounting point. Can be made to drop very low or be comfortable over a large tire like a 38-40. Whether you are wanting to build an air suspension or a Coilover rear, this is a very good candidate to start from. These kits require welding and fabrication. Includes everything to locate your axle. 
Kit includes from front to rear:
• Qty 2 - Frame Mount Chassis Link Brackets 
• Qty 2 - 2 5/8 Bushed DOM ends 
• Qty 2 - Bushed DOM ends 3 7/16 can be shorten if needed. 
• Qty 2 - 60 inch 2inch .250 wall tube 
• Qty 2 - 2inch by .250 wall pre-bent DOM 18 degree 44 inches long 
• Qty 4 - 1.25 loaded rod ends for axle end joints 
• Qty 2 - 3.0 axle mount 0 degree lower link mount
• Qty 2 - 10 degree adjustable upper axle mount link tower 
• Qty 1 - pan hard/ track bar kit (axle offset, frame inside) 
• Qty 4 - 9/16 fix it weld washers
$950 Shipped 

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