First Gen Dodge W250 Pickup 4WD 2" AND 4" in. Suspension Lift System choice of shocks


89-93 2/4 in. Suspension Lift System with Hydro Shocks. Includes Front/Rear Leaf Springs; Front/Rear U Bolt Kits; Front/Rear Bushing Kit; Rear Block as needed.


89-93 Dodge W250/W350 Pickup 4WD DIESEL

  • Suspension Lift Kit with/ without Shocks
  •  With with shocks include Black MAX Shocks
  • Includes Front/Rear Leaf Springs
  • Front/Rear U Bolt Kits
  • Front/Rear Bushing Kit
  • Rear Block as needed

92-93 trucks must add SE17D rear Spring Bushing Kit.

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