3rd gen / 4th gen 4 Link Long Travel Long Arm 03-13.


   Replace your original short arm 4 link FRONT suspension with our 4 link long arm. Designed around being a key component to our long travel air suspension. We also have options available for it to be a great static lift kit long arm too. 
   Designed lift height range is from much less than stock all the way through 12” of lift. They will go to full metal to metal compression with stock coils and ride, drive, tow like a champ. And with it adjusted correctly,and especially combined with our long travel lifted steering system, (sold separately) it’ll drive and function correctly throughout that travel. 
   If you just want it for your lifted static ride height truck, from about 4” of lift and up, we have an option to remove the bend in the upper arm for a more traditional look. 
   This system will install in a truck with any springs or steering, but will reach the complete performance advertised with our steering especially, but also bag and shock brackets ect. 

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