3g / 4g 03-13 Front Long Travel Air Suspension


3g / 4g 03-13 FRONT Long Travel Air Suspension

This is a next level long travel air suspension system for the front of your 03-13 Ram 2500 or 3500, srw or drw, gas or diesel. 
   This system will move! 14” of travel. Adjusts from -4” lift to +10” of lift on 4 link suspension. 
   This system is soft! Largest bag diameter and length of any system available from any competitor. It will effortlessly support the truck and ride like a cloud. 
   This system will handle! All new heavy duty 1/4 wall dom steering and track system to eliminate all the oem tie rod end junk. 
   Engineered to work! So don’t ask to substitute your shocks or steering stabilizer or your track bar drop bracket or whatever, it won’t work correctly. Our stuff will work on your truck but other manufacturers parts very likely are not tight enough tolerances or designed with the same thing in mind or in conjunction with similar parts. I’m not saying we won’t do anything you ask, but you will be messing with the end result that is already correct. This setup is so tight that it can not be used with an aftermarket diff cover. There isn’t enough room to fit. But, if there was, it couldn’t be as cool. 
   All bolt on, no welding required. Some trimming and drilling necessary but for the result of a full custom suspension, it’s a very easy install. If necessary we can make return-to-stock brackets for any significant changes to the truck, on request only. 
   Shown on 375/40/24 (35.8x14.76) on 24x14 wheels on our 2.5” wheel spacer. 
   Includes all hard parts necessary to complete the install, Also available  accessory air tanks and brackets to fit behind the rocker panels,  does not include any air management parts. 
   We have kits available to handle the electronic air management as well as extras to plumb your own fast dump/bump systems. 
   We recommend custom fender modifications to maximize steering angle at the lowest height possible. We do those on the truck without removing the fender and when finished they are not noticeable as different than stock.


*Front frame bag brackets.
*Front axle bag brackets. 
*Front air bags. 
*Front shocks with reservoirs. 
*Sway bar end link kit. 
*Sway Bar relocation kit. 
*Front four link conversion kit. 
*Track bar drop bracket. 
*Adjustable track bar. 
*Tie rod. 
*Drag link. 
*Dual steering stabilizer. 
*Regular bracket parts will be powder coated black unless requested raw. 
*Links and steering parts will be raw. 
*Free continental US shipping 


Air Management 

Two 3 gallon air tanks on integrated brackets $400 option

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