1st Gen Dodge Front Axle Link Mounts


These are a pair of parts selected out of our complete 72-93 ram coilover suspension kit in case you want them to build your own link type suspension or use a different axle than we did and take advantage of this easy weld on part, designed to utilize the space on the tubing between the inner C and the center section of your dodge or chevy dana 60, and also its built in track bar bracket.  Easily can be used on other axles with little modification. All 3/16 material in a boxed design that just barely fits in the tight space and will be more than strong enough to beat on. 


As long as you have 3-1/4” wide area available near the inner C of the axle knuckle on the tube, they could easily fit any axle, handling link, track, shock and sway mounting all in one session.

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