1972-1991.5 Dodge Core Support Conversion to Intercooled Kit


These are the parts to convert any 72-93 dodge truck core support to accommodate a stock type 91.5-93 intercooler and stock 91.5 -93 air conditioning condenser. 
   So pick the grille you like, pick a corresponding core support from any available gas powered truck and make an original type diesel core support package. 

   These would compliment our 72-93 diesel radiator swap parts to do the same with a late 91.5-93 radiator.
   They also compliment our mishimoto big Intercooler swap kit for 91.5-93 trucks. 
   A 91.5 - 93 diesel intercooled radiator core support is somewhat difficult to find. (We sometimes have them available in good used condition) And depending on your project may not have the correct headlight location for the previous different grille configurations. This batch of parts will be the remaining parts needed to complete a core support conversion. 
   The idea is not only to create a 91.5-93 diesel core support, but to allow you to do so with any grille and core support from a 72-93 gas or diesel. 
   When finished the core support will be strong and original in nature but designed for bigger better parts than dodge ever originally intended its 91.5-93 diesel trucks to have. 
   The 81-90 grille will leave you the least room available but with plastic trimming we have had great success. 72-80, and 91-93 are easy and not only fit well but allow the air conditioning condenser to fit out in front. If the 91.5-93 a/c condenser is used, with some care can be installed between the Intercooler and radiator (in front of core support) allowing either a more high performance look or the least trimming on a 81-90 grille. 

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