72-93 (4x4 CROSSOVER) Dodge Steering Box Brace & 2WD


The best steering box brace for dodge ram trucks from 72-93. This is the strongest bolt on first gen steering box brace ever! Want to weld it on? No problem, just select the no-powder option below, it’s designed to weld in easily if you want. No real need though, bolts on with 7 7/16 bolts and one 3/8 bolt and is strong as an ox. Generally mimics an oem 2wd box brace but on steroids. Perfect for your lifted 4x4 with crossover steering kit (Clickable Link) or stock height 4x4 with our no-lift crossover system, great for 0 to +2 or even a little more.

(Not for your STOCK 4x4 with box mounted in stock location with fore/aft drag link) for that, click here

Choice to separate the outer parts (wing plates) if you just want to do half the solution and on a tight budget, but designed as a set to compliment each other. Still an improvement but not nearly as good as the package. Available powdered black, with all hardware. All of this is a perfect compliment to our built steering box (Clickable Link)

Option 1- steering box brace set, wrinkle black powdered, with hardware.

Option 2- just the outer “wing” plates, no hardware,  wrinkle black powdered. 

 You can request product Raw.

Custom Powder (Call for Quote)

   This part needs no instructions other than what the frame and steering box provide for a pattern. A 2wd gets no changes other than this brace going on the back side of the frame, with the new hardware through the box and frame. Install all bolts loose before tightening. 
   A 4x4 installs w/o the original adapter plate, and into the matching holes in the frame a few inches back. It will require shortening the steering shaft or our replacement steering shaft. Install all bolts loose before tightening. Then snug after pulling the brace tight to the frame. 

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