72-93 Dodge Air Suspension Long Travel Big Bag Kit (03-13 ram axle)


1g Long Travel Air Suspension Kit

This is the real deal in suspension modification for your 72** through 93 Dodge single wheel truck. 13+ inches of adjustable travel. Approximately -4” to +9”. Designed to make your early dodge ride, steer and tow like a dream. Rides and tucks on 33” -37” tires. (35’s ideal)

This is the modernization and customization that your first gen ram or Cummins deserves. And so do you and your passengers that are used to bouncing off the seat! 

While we are calling this a kit, this much modification and change doesn’t come exactly easy. We’ve done a whole bunch of the work for, you but there is still a decent amount to go, and it is based on a complete axle swap to 03-12 ram 3/4 ton AAM axles. (No rear dually axle) No welding is required on your frame and up (all drill and bolt, and 3 clearance notches recommended), but everything under your truck from the frame down changes, including the front driveshaft moving from passenger side to driver, looses all original leaves and mounting points (good air chisel recommended), and a swapped t-case. Any 2nd or 3rd gen transfer case will work. It does require welding on the axles with supplied templates, unless you would choose to have us do that for you. All axle welding can be accomplished off-site from the truck so any welding facility should be able to handle it for you. The kit is designed for a 4x4 frame of any year or engine, and wheelbase (We still have to do a little testing on a short bed and it will not fit a dually in the rear) but can work equally well on a 2wd frame if you source the front engine cross member from a 4x4 and exchange them. We’re not trying to scare you, just letting you know that it’s not a lift kit that can be bolted on in a day. Might sound tough but if you can drill and have some mechanical resources available, you can install this kit. If you have read all the way through this and are still needing more info, feel free to call in. These are as of now not stocked items and require a lead time of approximately 6 weeks. Please call if you need this to be expedited. 
*all frame mounts for air springs, shocks, links ect.
*includes good Bilstien shocks (King, Fox can be a single for an upgrade Extra Cost). 
*all control arms, track bars, tie rod and drag link to connect the axles and steering to the frame mounts.
*all axle mounting points to be used, added, or modified and a sway bar.
*Requires a steering shaft modification with provided parts. Our top of the line steering box would be a perfect addition. As well as our bolt on 72-93 ram hydroboost.
*does not include the air management system to adjust the suspension but can be used without it as a static system. Also available, mounts for the Accuair management system to mount in spare tire area. 
*comes Standard in powder black. Custom powder coating is available by request! 


Why 3rd gen ram axles instead of the venerable kingpin 60? For starters, the ram axles from the 70’s-90’s were the narrowest of axles available on any full size truck even of the time. In search of the ultimate ride quality, large diameter bags are utilized, requiring as much space as possible between the frame and wheel. The link mounts work great and save a ton of work. The tunrned up high pinion design makes the front driveshafts job a piece of cake. You really struggle with that on the low pinion 60 with bad angle. The aam is a great axle with the weakness of unit bearings and weak ball joints. However, with high quality ball joints and a hub swap to dana 60 like parts, you then have a bulletproof front axle that’s wide, has better road manners than a kingpin, already has decent linkage mounting points, and is plentiful and cheap. The matching rear is available with a great limited slip, 3.73 or 4.10 gears and disc brakes. A little to adjust to after so many years of loving the 60/70 combo, but I can tell you that you will like the results.

** low height adjustments will have steering interference at the front fenders.

** may have driveshaft interference with nv 5 or 6 speed slave cylinder bracket at lower height. Testing and trimming advised. 

** 72-74 had a unique engine crossmember. We have frame brackets to match the rivet pattern on the side, but clearances are different and should be swapped for a 75-93 version just like you would do for any year 2 to 4wd frame conversion. 

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