72-93 Dodge Rear Air Suspension Kit (stock Dana 70 axle)


   This Air suspension Kit will fit on your dodge 2wd, 4wd, and dually first gen ram!!! Tow like a champ and ride smooth empty! Unparalleled ride quality to any other 1g kit available.
(Ram charger available but must specify). 
   The low height version is designed for a lowered 4x4 or a stock 2wd. The lifted height version is designed for a 1-8” lift height (*details below)  

   Rides extremely smooth, adjustable height, and is able to be modified or adjusted for your particular tire/wheel combo. This kit includes everything you need to link and locate the axle under your 72-93 truck or Ram charger. The taller kit is 100% bolt on! The lower kit bolts on to all frame locations and axle weld on (but everything on the axle is able to be jigged or located off-site if you need to have a shop do the welding) really easy project. Specifically, setup for and instructions for a dana 70 but could be made to work with any available axle. The rear is the biggest reason for your rough riding truck. This is huge in curing that feeling.


Welded upper and lower links with big 1.25” chromoly heat treated heim joints for the axle end and bushings for the frame end,

Welded track bar with 7/8” premium heim joints and high misalignment spacers.

Bolt on (some drilling) frame bag mounts with integrated track bar bracket,

Bolt on (drill) lower link frame brackets and inserts to utilize your original front spring hanger as the upper link mounts (except in lifted version, upper frame brackets included)

axle (weld on) bracket set that includes integrated shock mounts, (link here)

axle (weld on) track bar bracket and lower bag brackets,

Air bags, hardware.

Shipped in raw steel!! Black wrinkle available as option. Custom color upon request.

Also needed.

shocks, options available but many will work.

Biggest difference between the stock and lifted systems is the bag choice as well as much longer links on the lifted version that are too long to utilize the stock leaf spring mount.

* Rear Lift Height Details. 
based on common front lift heights with a level truck. Stock diesel 4x4 trucks are very jacked up high in the rear, approximately 3+” over the front. That won’t be necessary with this system because it will ride empty, or tow loaded at the same height! Truck can be level. So, this kit might be measured at the rear like a -2 to +3 ride height range from stock, but compared to a front lift kit, it’ll be right on. Stock height front but leveled, means about -3” in the rear, and a 4” lift spring in the front leveled, will mean approximately +1” lift in the rear. 
   Here’s how you can check ahead of time on how it might work on your truck. Measurements are from bottom of frame above the rear axle to the top of the axle tube. Measurements indicate acceptable ride heights with room for appropriate suspension travel. 
13.5 -Stock Diesel 4x4. 
11.5”- 16.5 acceptable ride heights for lifted version. Again, those numbers match the range of a front suspension lifted 1” to 6”, but the truck sitting level.

  Air management system, several options available, but system will work will just tire fill valves installed into the bags until you budget for a nice system, they hold air as long as a tire does.

Stock height version ideal for a 31-33” tire setup on a lower truck. Will fit ram charger.

Stock version is 8" of travel, lowers to the tires at the fender opening and is great for a lifted look on 33-37” tires. We have notes to fit ram charger for slightly modified link lengths and brackets but will require rear underbody rocker box extension mod over / outside angled frame rise section. Needs minimum of 5” of width available outside frame. Original boxed area is only 3.5”. Custom mod but will not affect interior space. 

Lifted version is capable of 10” or more of travel depending on tire size.

NO SHIPPING INCLUDED - Shipping to be calculated at crating and separately billed.  Shipping will cost between $200-300.  

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