About us

Far From Stock is an automotive based company that got its start as a hobby that grew into a business. It coincided with the growth of social media. So instead of the projects that had been done for years being seen only locally, the work was seen around the world. 

The projects worked on required custom parts to accomplish their goals. The parts were one-off in nature, but after repeated requests for availability, consideration had to be given to the idea of making more. 

At the same time, without specific intention, the brand Far From Stock was represented in social media posts and also was a subject of request. 

So with 20 years of prior experience dedicated to building parts and custom vehicles in daily heavy duty use, off road, muscle and drag race, a demand had been created that connected to the passion that started the process to begin with. 

In 2014 the website was started and the production of unique or otherwise unavailable parts along with a lifestyle brand was created.
Still a small company, the goals are to grow and expand at a rate that is sustainable while constantly trying to improve inventory for speed of delivery and maintaining quality customer relationships. 

As the resources grow, constant evaluation of what is produced is required to make sure what was considered the best yesterday is still the best available today.