1972-1993 Diesel Radiator install kit


This item is an install kit and instructions to fit a 91.5-93 mishimoto (or oem replacement) radiator in an earlier core support. Click here for the radiator itself. Specifically designed to upgrade the radiator in the 89 and up non Intercooled Cummins trucks, but will also allow it to be done on most core supports back to 72* if doing a diesel or other modern powertrain swap. The 89-91 can reuse the original fan shroud with minor mods, or it can utilize a 91.5-93 shroud.

One piece radiator cover top plate is the mount for the upper radiator. (available without hood safety latch hole for those of you using our big intercooler kit) It will mount over the grill (shimming under grille can help if you have hood to grille alignment issues) Lower mounts have pre-cut holes to spot weld but can also be temporarily (or permanently if you wish) held in place with self tapping screws if pre drilled due to the thickness of the material. Center in support when installing. Many supports need a small trim at the top rear bracing to allow radiator gusset to clear.

If desiring to do an Intercooler swap also click here For the conversion parts and here for the big Intercooler upgrade parts  


lower mounts, upper mount/rad cover, rubber grommets for radiator isolation, badge and hardware.

This will require a later 2g cummins thermostat housing and 2g thermostat and o-rings (2) in order to use oem replacement 91.5-93 radiator hoses. 

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