Dana 70 (1st Gen) Dodge Disc Brake Conversion Kit (SRW)


This kit is designed for full float SRW 93 and prior Dodge 70.
Our disc brake conversion kit is the best conversion to eliminate the drum brakes on a dodge dana 70 Rear Axle. Bolt on one piece caliper bracket for 89-93 (may work on earlier and later Dana 70, second gen, 94-01 kit is different). Changing from Drums brakes to disc brakes is easy, and all the parts you need to complete the conversion are included in this kit to get rid of those heavy drums. Single Piston design with the stopping power you need. Common donor parts for easy future replacement. Least convenient is the mount for the flex hose, it’s designed to be weld on.

E-brake version available in drop down. Includes e-brake cables from your original splitter / balancer. 

Click the link if you need to add a proportioning valve  

Also available WELD ON kit. See Variants 


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