1G Engine Cross Member 72-93 Dodge Truck


72-93 Dodge Truck and Ramcharger 3 piece Engine Cross Member.
   This crossmember includes all oem holes in both 2wd and 4wd frames, perfect for any 4x4 conversion, or custom 4x4 build, especially one you might powder the frame on and not want to hammer the oem one piece back in place.
   Includes engine mounting locations as used in any stock 4x4, so replacement and conversion parts work well with any engine being considered. 
   It will serve as a frame reinforcement and spreads structure more into the upper and lower parts of the frame rail than the original cross member, as well as much farther forward and rearward. Will reinforce to the original shock brackets if being used. 
   Works well with all of our existing exterior frame suspension brackets, and also includes two outer frame load plates for unmatched front frame strength and stiffness. 
   Couples with our crossover style steering box brace. 
   (72-74 will change the crossmember bolt pattern to the later style) 


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