4G/5G 4th/5th gen Tie rod / Drag link / Track bar Steering combo 13-18+ Ram 2500 3500


Monster strong 1.5” .250 wall dom tube tie rod and drag link and adjustable track bar combo for your ram truck 2500 and 3500 from 13 and newer with 7/8 heim joint style rod ends to replace the wear prone original tie rod ends. Requires drilling knuckles (recommended reamer tool) and pitman to a straight 3/4” hole. Optional rubber boots available separately for areas with salt and brine on roads. Options for stabilizer mount and powder but includes mount for stock stabilizer in stock location and black wrinkle powder. This kit is designed to improve your stock height, or up to 4” lifted or leveled truck, or, add our track bar drop bracket to work with a truck with 5"- 10” of lift or more, or an adjustable suspension like our long travel air kit, allowing this system with drop bracket to travel without bump steer anywhere in a driveable height from below stock height to max droop. Our drop bracket is engineered to use wider than stock mounting width for the rod end for a higher level of possible misalignment. This makes diff clearance more possible and also keeps the frame end rod end from binding and potentially wearing out prematurely. 
Tie rod and drag link fit 13-20 3500, 14-20 2500 including megacab and power wagon. Track bar fits all from 13-18, but 19 and 20 require track bar bracket clearance modification. 
*When utilizing the drop track bar bracket for a lifted application, stock wheels can no longer be used without wheel spacers as the axle end of the drag link is designed to be on top of the knuckle.*




  • Qty (1) TRACK BAR 
  • (Stock frame bracket w/ substitutions listed for lifted drop track bar drop bracket)
  • Qty (2) 7/8x7/8 Left & Right Rod Ends w/ Jam Nuts 
  • Qty (4) 3/4 Narrow Misalignments 
  • (Sub two standard width for lifted drop track bar drop bracket)
  • Qty (1) 3/4 3” Long Fine Bolt 
  • Qty (1) 3/4 3.5” Long Fine Bolt 
  • (Sub one 4” bolt instead of 3.5” for lifted drop track bar bracket and add one 7/16x1-1/4 bolt/nut set and 1 1/2x1-1/4 bolt, lock washer and long blind nut.)
  • Qty (2) 3/4 washers 
  • Qty (1) 3/4 lock washers
  • Qty (1) 3/4 nylon nut 
  • Qty (1) 3/4 blind nut w/ tab 

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