Offset Chassis Link Brackets


NOTE: Product sold unwelded

This is a simple idea that we should have come up with a long time ago. There are several situations where the lower link bracket on the frame side cannot be mounted directly under the frame. A perfect example would be a pair of Trailing Arms; to out board them you need to either make a platform or you need to gusset the area where the bracket hangs off frame.

We have always had our Frame Outriggers and Chassis Link Brackets but this puts them together in one piece. Both of those have their purposes but for this application a one-piece bracket simply works better. These are of course sold in pairs.

The joint mounting width has a range of 2"-3" depending on where you set the inside plate to be welded. At the 3" mounting width these brackets can also be used as outboard spring hangers for common Chevy and Toyota springs that have this same bushing width and of course the most popular mounting width of 2.625" that fits our 1.25" Heims.

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