Front Lift Shackles 72-93 Dodge 4x4


+1” or +2” over stock length heavy duty 3/8 shackles for the rear of the front leaf springs on your 72-93 Dodge Ram truck. Sold in pairs. With the additional arc of aftermarket lifted leaf springs, the spring itself can easily contact the frame on compression. Often there is a witness mark on the frame. (But the big clunk noise is also a pretty good indicator)

So these extended shackles can not only add .5” or 1” of lift to your truck depending on choice, but can let your springs move more freely and without a clunk when they contact. Choose +1 inch longer than stock (.5” lift), or 2” longer than stock (1” lift)

we also like to recommend these as a way to regain lift if some is lost due to removal of the bottom one or two leaf springs in your lifted spring pack to improve the ride feel. Add these as well as our offset spring plate (1/4” lift) when removing the “bad idea” pinion shim for much better and appropriate positive caster for improved steering feel and handling! 

for function and appearance I would recommend the shorter option. 

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