Lower Triangulated 4 Link Bracket

  • Made from 1/4" material
  • Fit 1 3/4" tube but can easily fit 2" with some grinding
  • 2 5/8 (2.63) Width mounting width for rod ends
  • 9/16" bolt hole but can be drilled out for larger
  • Each link will be 25* from center for combined 50* angle
  • Sold Unwelded
This is one of those brackets that have become an industry staple but that is also why we took so long to bring it into our lineup. What I mean to say is that we will not make something that another company designed unless it is made by many companies, like a Ubolt plate, there are only so many ways to skin that cat...

We make ours a bit different than the rest, improving where we could and of course out of a solid 1/4" material rather than the 3/16" many companies will tell you is enough. I really want to make a point that 3/16" is not enough for this type of bracket. These are right down on the bottom and take serious hits all day. We even add a reinforcement skid to them so they don't wear out from all the dragging over the rocks! We also add front reinforcement's that tie the top to bottom and take the first hit so the rocks do not damage the crossmember.

They are made in a 2 5/8" width to fit all the standard joints, we do not make them smaller because a smaller joint just dosen't belong down there. They have a 9/16" hole but are easily drilled out to a larger size. The Crossmember you use should be a stout piece of tubing, they are cut for 1.75" tube and I would suggest at least 1/4" wall. They come unwelded.

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