Adjustable Frame Mount Link Bracket 10 Degree

Something new and unique that really opens up your upper link options. These are similar to some made by other companies but have 2 extra interesting features. Adjustability is not new but extra strength with less weight and greater security is. These are made with an inner and outer shell of 1/4" plate.

There were 2 reasons we made them this way. First off we have never had a reported failure with our 3 legged links that are entirely 1/4" so the additional strength helps. Secondly, the inner plate's 3 points of adjustment are each threaded so tightness and bolt retention are incredible. The inner plate is also a tremendous helpful in the mock up stage because of the 5/8" threaded holes.

These are sold individually and these are preset to a 10 degree angle. You can easily get a greater angle with a little fine tuning.

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