DIY Dana 60 Kingpin Crossover Steering Kit


Dana 60 kingpin crossover steering kit utilizing hd tie rod ends.

This is a DIY kit to switch from the short rearward facing drag link on your Chevy or Dodge or any project running a kingpin dana 60 to build a long left to right drag link. This kit is can be used with your factory tie rod, turning your steering into a crossover steering kit. The taper is the standard GM 1 ton on the axle end. The pitman arm will need reamed for the larger diameter of the GM tie rod end or will require drilling and  this insert for the pitman arm end

The adjustment is easier because we add Hex Head TRE weld bungs so a cresent wrench is your adjustment tool, not a pipe wrench which will scar the tube and if too deep cause a major stress riser. Not to mention what it does to the paint...

These are stronger than stock because we use 1.5" X .25" Wall DOM tubing and the TRE's are much more beefy than stock.


You will receive:

1 - 55" of 1.5" X .25" wall DOM tubing
1 RH - 7/8" Hex Head Weld Bungs, 18TPI for Tie Rod Ends
1 LH - 7/8" Hex Head Weld Bungs, 18TPI for Tie Rod Ends
1 RH - 7/8" Jam Nuts, 18TPI for Tie Rod Ends
1 LH - 7/8" Jam Nuts, 18TPI for Tie Rod Ends
1 - GM 1 Ton Tie Rod End (Standard TRE )
1 - GM 1 Ton Tie Rod End (High Angle ES2026R)
1 - Dana 60 High Steer Arms & Hardware (Passenger Side)
4 - Dana 60 High Steer Arm Stud & Cone Nuts

We supply more DOM than you need because it is way too easy to make a mistake in your calculations and you can always cut tube, growing it back is the hard part!

For you dodge, you are going to need a 2 or 4 inch drop pitman to complete this depending on how much lift your truck has. The 2” dropped pitman arm should cover from 2” to 4" lift. The 4” dropped pitman can be from there up and can be combined with a steering block to compensate for even more lift. Your steering box will be removed from your frame, removed from the 4wd adapter plate, and bolted straight back to your frame with no plate a few inches towards the rear of the truck in the factory 2wd location. ( This is an excellent time to add our steering box brace. ) You will need to shorten your steering shaft or get a 2wd connection shaft. (This is the time to look into our built steering boxes including the 3-1/3 turn lock to lock top notch steering box and steering shaft coupler! Huge improvement, far better that the so called “rebuilt” boxes you see advertised even with bright colored paint jobs) 

fab is easy, set your wheels completely straight, center your steering box pitman arm in its travel (not the wheel, it can be adjusted after and someone could have easily installed the shaft to the box incorrectly in the past). 

Loosely install the ends in each arm (Steering and Pitman) after proper modifications to fit, and measure the tube length between the tube adapters (make sure they have some room for adjustment but have plenty of thread engagement)

if you have any less than 4” of lift, and even then, if you are planning on lots of flex and suspension travel for off road, you will likely need a small bend in the crossover drag link.  This should be done with a tubing bender but can be done in a press if careful not to kink the tube. It’s 1/4” wall so that’s heavy enough to comply without too much chance of kinking. 

Weld each end and don’t use too much heat or go too slow, to preserve the threads. 


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