Dodge Steering Box Rebuild (1975-93)

  The BEST steering box rebuild available for your early dodge. (We have the option for 2nd Gen also on our website) A true rebuild, not just a freshen up, and also some great mods and accessories. Our rebuild service often rebuilds the "others" already rebuilt boxes, and with that scenario the customer permanently lost their core and spent money twice! Avoid that with the FarFromStock box. 

Please note all boxes are built to order. 15-20 working day lead time on shipping. The pitman arm shown in picture does not come with box.

  (Option 1) My personal favorite option is our premium rebuilt box with the 3-1/3 quick ratio upgrade, switching from the original 4-1/4 turn lock to lock version, reducing your lock to lock turns by almost a full turn. Really modernizes the steering feel of your old truck. 
   (Option 3) is our full rebuilt premium box, but still in the original 4-1/4 turn lock to lock version. 
   We don't want you to skip any of these great mods so we are including them all in one package. Other than our crossover kit, this is what your pre 94 dodge needs to be right. Huge improvement over stock, much less worn out stock. 
   We try not to charge you for a core to keep that from hitting your wallet and keep your truck on the road longer, but in doing so have to rely on you to return your box as a core and cover its shipping. Please follow through with this or we will have to change that policy. 

New! Option 5!                                     

  New production 3 1/3 box. All new parts. Not a parts store grab bag rebuild.  Great option for those in with time constraints. Three year warranty.  In stock now!

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