Dodge Truck Steering Box Rebuild (1975-93)


New, not rebuilt, 72-93 Dodge Truck Steering Box! 2wd or 4wd Truck or Ramcharger

   We want you to have the very best steering box you can get for your truck.

   We have a “Better” and “Best” option to suit your needs and budget.

   The “Better” option is an over seas sourced new, not refurbished box. 3-1/3 turns lock to lock. (Option 5)

   The “Best” box is a USA assembled and tested new, not refurbished box that includes the input shaft or at least the input shaft coupler if you already have a aftermarket telescopic D/D shaft. 3 turn lock to lock quick ratio box. 

    These boxes are specifically made for 80-93, based on the power steering line type/thread.

   If you are working on a 72-79 truck we can help you with steering line conversion. Either adapters or complete upgrade with lines and pump.

   If you have a 72-74 4x4 you would be switching steering styles altogether because of different mounting and setup.

   In all applications we recommend one of our steering box braces regardless of the steering arrangement you have.  

   In all 4wd applications we strongly recommend you switch to one of our crossover kits for a major improvement in steering and handling.

   No pitman arm included.

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