3.0" Axle Mount 0 Degree Link Bracket's (Pair)


3.0" Axle Mount 0 Degree Link Bracket's (Pair)

These a great way to set up the bottom axle link of any 3 or 4 link suspension, this link bracket is for axle mounting, it is cut for a 3.0" Tube but we all know how to change that. You can also add a few degrees offset with a couple minutes and that same tool. Made with the very common 2.625" (2 5/8) inner width. These are .25 HR P&O Steel Plate with an integral bridge bent into the Bracket so you have no weld related stress risers to worry about. Drilled for .5625" (9/16) bolts but easily drilled to another size. Sold as pairs.

  • Part Number: R1038

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