03-13 3G 4G Ram Stock Height or Leveled Adjustable Track Bar 03-13 Ram -4 to +2


Monster Strong 1.5” .250 wall dom tube Track Bar for your ram truck 2500 and 3500 from 03-13. 

  Designed with super strong 7/8 heavy duty, chromoly, heat treated, self lubricating, teflon lined heim joint style rod ends. Stops you from constantly needing to replace weak and ugly tie rod ends that came stock on all these trucks. The stock parts come with a plastic liner that quickly wears out and even more quickly when operating on an angle. A spherical rod end does not care what angle it’s running at by design, so they don’t wear out quickly. 
  Engineered for stock height, lowered or leveled 4x4. The stock track bar location dictates where the drag link can be installed to avoid bump steer. That is why the drag link is shown in the pictures as crossing over to under the steering knuckle. This is a LOW lift height application leaving very little room to reconfigure.
   Black wrinkle powder coating included. Custom powder available separately. Please choose color from this link (CUSTOM POWDERCOATING) Request raw if handling your own powder. 

Complete Steering Kit Also available  (CLICK HERE). 

Boots Available for salt or brine on roads.

   Be sure to re-torque all these bolts and jamb nuts after driving just like a wheel or a u-bolt would normally need. 250 ft lbs on drag link bolts. 
   3/4 grade 8 hardware included with tie and drag, 3 nylon lock nuts included for final assembly. (It’s recommended to use the standard nuts for mock up and adjusting prior to a final install of the nylon lock nuts)


ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Put item in your cart. In the notes put your Year, Make, Model and stock height or amount of lift. 

    Due to the race type application heim joints, even though they are stronger than anything else available and are safe enough for racers, this should be considered an off road part. The only issue we ever face with these rod ends is rust from salt or brine. If you drive in winter weather with those conditions consider a coat of heavy grease or our rubber boot kit for the season or they will rust. We have them on trucks that don’t see salt but do see regular road use for years and look and perform well. Even in good climate conditions, spray regularly with a penetrant/lubricant to keep happy, quiet and long lasting.

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