03-Current Dodge Ram Bolt On Traction Bar Frame Bracket Set


This is a frame mount bracket set to bolt traction bars to your 3rd or 4th gen ram at the frame end with mounting hardware. This is the frame mount bracket we originally made for the front long arm radius kit for an 03-13 ram. It was designed to work on the rear too to be a mirror image of the front, but works well on its own too. Does require drilling. It’s too tight near the fuel tank and exhaust to drill from the back side so an option is to drop them, but we always make due at the shop by drilling both sets of holes from the outside even though it’s a bit tricky. Available in black wrinkle powder as pictured with a raw badge for you to customize yourself or all raw steel.

If you are local or not we can complete the install here at the shop. Call for Shop Labor Quote 740.939.0073 

Kit Includes;

(2)- frame brackets 

(2)- overlay badges with attaching hardware 

(4)- 1/2” bolt sets x4”

(2)- 7/16” bolt sets x1.5”

(2)- 1/2” thread forming structural bolts


The bracket is located for front radius arms by the existing upper hole just forward of a body mount, but behind the trans crossmember. 
As a traction bar bracket it can be placed anywhere on the smooth main frame section at the rear of the truck. No frame holes originally locate this part. 

Installation partially assisted by Tap Flex Structural Fastener Thread Forming Bolt.

*Meets Grade 5 ASTM A449 strength and ductility standards.

*Drill Size 15/32

*Seating Torque 75 ft/lbs

In 1/8” Steel;

Shear strength  4773 lbs

Thread pull-out strength 3668 lbs (doubles with another 1/16” of material thickness)

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