03-13 3rd / 4th Gen Ram bolt-on Radius Long Arm


   FFS Bolt on radius long arm control arms for your 03-12/13 2500 or 3500 4x4 or 1500 megacab. Replaces your short 4 control arms. From leveled to 8” of lift (higher available). At a whopping 50+” long, these not only locate your front axle very well like a radius arm does, but the plentiful length also minimizes any drawback of a radius arm too.
   Stock or extended wheelbase adjustable by means of the monster 1-1/4 heim type rod ends. Helps move the tires away from the rear of the fender opening where rub is the most common. Comes with our caster eliminator insert set to get rid of the original slotted cam style caster adjustment, as this will now be handled by the adjustable upper control arm rod ends.
   Chassis bracket locates on your frame with an original frame hole just in front of a body mount but behind your trans crossmember and requires drilling for 3 bolts on each frame bracket. Requires removal of your old link brackets on the frame. Easily done. You can see the fresh marks on the frame in the pictures where they were cleaned up. 3grad RadiusA 
   Matching bolt on rear traction bar frame bracket or complete kit available for a clean symmetrical look.    
   Powder wrinkle black, raw available on request. FFS removable overlay on the chassis and radius bracket to custom match to your truck. 
   A great compliment to this would be our steering kit, easily covers lift height range  


2 lower radius long links,

2 upper radius short links,

2 frame mount link brackets,

4 caster eliminator plates,

2 1.25 chromoly hardened rod ends w jamb nut and misalignment spacers,

2 7/8 chromoly hardened rod ends, w jamb nut and misalignment spacers,

4 axle bushing sets,

4 FFS overlay badge plates 

8 9/16 grade 8 pivot fasteners,

8 1/2” and 7/16 grade 8 frame bracket fasteners,

and 2 1/2” thread forming frame bracket bolts.


Installation partially assisted by Tap Flex Structural Fastener Thread Forming Bolt.

*Meets Grade 5 ASTM A449 strength and ductility standards.

*Drill Size 15/32

*Seating Torque 75 ft/lbs

In 1/8” Steel;

Shear strength  4773 lbs

Thread pull-out strength 3668 lbs (doubles with another 1/16” of material thickness)

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