Dana 60 Kingpin Spring Eliminator Kit


Dana 60 Kingpin Spring Eliminator Kit is designed to eliminate the Kingpin Springs on the top of any Kingpin Dana 60 axle. 

We placed heavy durometer bushings in the place of the weak springs that were designed for use with OEM wheels and tire weights. When upgrading wheels and tires on a Dana 60 axle, the stock king pin springs compress too much causing damage to the existing bushings and other king pin parts.

By removing the kingpin spring entirely from the axle and creating a much tighter fitment with the  Kingpin Spring Eliminator Kit, you instantly upgrade your Dana 60 to handle a bigger tires and wheel weight while providing much greater longevity for your axle components.

Our kit works in ANY Dana 60 kingpin axle.

If you are currently running a setup with the spring, you can use this kit with any Dana 60 knuckle and high steer arm.

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