67-72 Ford F Series Hydroboost With Master Cylinder of your Choice


    Our complete premium 67-72 Ford f-series Truck hydroboost bolt in kit includes:


Your choice of master cylinder.

•Adjustable proportioning valve that’s side mount with master-to-prop lines, disc or drum ready,  

•new booster unit with adjustable pushrod.

•all plumbing, cloth braided  mesh pressure and return lines, 4 separator clamps, (extra available here)

works great for diesel or gas powered trucks, a fummins special that clears all cummins pumps.

Yes it does rely on Tee in the return system with zero trouble, but it doesn’t have to. It’s super easy to swap in a power steering pump/reservoir with two returns and eliminate the need for a tee.

Click here for the best high flow power steering pump! 

Click Here  For a spare inline filter.

Click Here for a high quality rebuilt power steering box. 

    This kit will greatly reduce pedal effort required to produce braking response. Major braking improvement. 
   Another advantage, lower adjustable pedal height, which will bring your overly high brake pedal down to a height that in a reasonable proximity to the throttle pedal like other modern vehicles. That way it doesn’t require you to lift your foot and knee up to the brake pedal for quicker convenient braking response. Might sound a little silly but if you get in your old truck after driving something newer you will quickly notice the inconvenience. 
   Also with the included adjustable proportioning valve there is no need to pre plan a disc brake swap because it’s ready for either. And the same goes for lightly loaded or heavy trucks. Easy dial in application specific adjustability. 


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