1G /47re 48re Transmission Crossmember


   Transmission Crossmember made to mount a 47Re or 48re transmission in your 1G 72-93 frame. It allows the transmission to be a direct bolt in. It replaces the original upper wing braces that waste space. This not only helps install the transmission, but helps with exhaust and driveshaft routing. 
   This is an upper crossmember that sits on top of an original 4x4 transmission crossmember.
   It includes a mount that isolates and bolts in a 47re transmission behind a Cummins. It includes 3 spacers to adjust tail shaft output height. 
   It allows installation and driveshaft clearance for a right or left side drop transfer case. 205, 241, 271 ect. 
   It features a maximum pass through area for straight exhaust. So both a large diameter tube is able to fit through, and either no dogleg for a driver side transfer case or a single offset for the passenger side transfer case rather than the double offset required to miss both the t-case and the original wing plate. 
   6” or 7” frames.
(The stock lower crossmember will have an inch tall spacer built in if it is from a 7” frame.)

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