03-08 3rd Gen Ram Borgeson 6 Bolt Steering Box Upgrade


This is the newest and biggest steering box available for Dodge Ram trucks through the current model year but modified and adapted by Borgeson to fit the 3rd gen 03-08 Ram Truck. Greatly simplifying the mix and match recipes out there. Want beefier draglink tie rod or track bar? Click Here for that better than stock option too. 
Massive “6 bolt” design with the biggest pitman shaft and bearing available, as well as piston diameter for control and support. New modern variable valve for stable highway driving and effortless parking and maneuvering. 
Best of all, the sector shaft has been pre modified to accept the pitman arm you already have or that fits the lift kit you might be installing. 
   Borgeson steering shaft recommended for ease of installation. Otherwise two small flat spots need to be ground in the adapter to fit the stock steering input shaft. Options in drop down ti select 2 or 4wd for the steering shaft. 

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