Rear First Gen Dodge 4-8” lift 61-93 Truck/ Ramcharger SkyJacker Softride Leaf Spring

rear leaf single or pair

   Rear leaf pack for lifting your dodge truck. Made for 4-6” or 6-8” lift on all 72-93 dodge trucks from w150 through w350 including ramcharger.
   As you can imagine, the lift amount on a lighter duty truck will be greater than the amount on a heavy duty (originally higher) truck, therefore the advertised range in lift heights. So here’s a little info to help you know how much lift you might get on your own truck and how tall of a block you might use with it. 
   The oem and aftermarket advertise “free arch” of a spring, because they are manufacturing the spring, but that’s not too helpful for us who are trying to lift or level a truck that’s at least loaded with the weight of an empty vehicle. So here’s the listed free arch of these two springs, and we will add the empty loaded arch as we get the numbers.

9.25” listed free arch for the 4-6” version,

——“ empty loaded archon most trucks,

11.0”  listed free arch for the 6-8” version,

—-“   empty loaded archon most trucks.

   This is if you draw a line or a string between each spring Eye Center and measure down to the top of the main leaf. These packs are both 4 leaves plus a helper plus a degree shim. So the pack thickness would need to be added in, that’s approximately 2-1/8”.

   Any additional height you need above this number will be made up with either a lift block or short leaf sections added to your leaf pack with a longer spring eye center pin bolt. Often these leaf packs (especially with a kit supplied block) move the axle forward as an attempt to save on driveshaft mods, at the expense of appearance (don’t we mess with suspension so it performs and looks cool?). So our offset plate will let you move things back to where they should be if you are within an inch. 
  Keep in mind that a lift block of reasonable height is not only acceptable in the rear, but when used in conjunction with a traction bar it creates a very stable and strong arrangement. We always recommend an upgrade in u-bolts to 5/8, and also like to flip the u-bolts around so the threads are up and round end down for better function and appearance. We have this available in our 1g Traction Bar Kit. 
   Also keep in mind that the leaf can only ride so good empty and also hold up a heavy load without major sag. So a soft ride empty, and a loaded ride still leveled, are a compromise. With the above recommendation of a block and traction bar, the option is now open to remove hd weight carrying leaves from the pack (reducing their empty loaded height, and increasing the need for a taller lift block) and then supplementing the now softened leaf with a helper air bag. This is the way air helper bags can be used as an actual advantage. We have a kit to add an air helper to your truck. It will probably require slight modifications on your lifted truck that will be unique to you in its exact requirements.

Softride springs use only American steel and the individual leafs of each spring are shot-peened with hard steel pellets at very high velocities. This shot-peening compresses the surface of the steel thereby increasing the tensile strength of the spring. Without this shot-peening procedure, the maximum wheel travel and ride quality could not be achieved without sacrificing the life of the spring. Softride springs use bolt style spring clips, eliminating friction. Other spring designs use the cinch style bend clips which bend tightly over the spring leafs causing binding and friction. Skyjacker Softride springs taper over the entire length of the leaf creating more flex at the leaf ends. This tapering distributes loads more evenly over a greater area and reduces the tendency for one leaf to dig into the leaf above it.

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